Fed's Powell: "We should be on program of gradual hikes"

2016-08-26 0 comments admin Online Forex Trading


Inflation should rise to 2% Fed target as headwinds fade

It is FOMC's member Powell's turn to get his two cents in during interview on Bloomberg:
  • The US dollar is a consideration when debating rate hikes. SOmething to watch. Not a concern
  • Support gradual rate hikes.
  • Should raise rates as global economy warrant
  • There is no preset course for rates
  • We're being data-driven patient and a bit cautious; our caution is appropriate
  • GDP growth is very volatile on quarterly basis
  • Growth is strong enough to support a label market
  • There is some slack in the labor market
The USDJPY has hit a two week high (highest level since August 12) on more hawkish comments from Powell. 


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